Quadrifoglio Group

The Quadrifoglio Group is a gathering of companies with multifarious experience and know-how who share a belief in a common goal: joining forces and contributing each with their own area of expertise to create professional settings under the flagship of well-being and efficiency. A group where new ideas for the office take shape thanks to a pooling of goals and objectives. Innovation, energy, creativity and ongoing research are the distinguishing features of Quadrifoglio.

The group is the result of an entrepreneurial project which the three founding members started in 1991, with the aim of producing office furniture for the retail channel. The company is headquartered in the biggest industrial furniture production basin that encompasses a host of furniture and furnishing component manufacturers in just a few square kilometres, as well as a large number of outsourcers who specialise in the various wood and metal processing phases. By manufacturing mid-market products and specialising in melamine, market success was immediate, and thanks to its vitality, the company was able to grow and expand rapidly. The success achieved with the initial models enabled a youthful and dynamic concern to make huge ongoing investments into new production and commercial techniques aimed at both expanding and improving the range of services provided.