Bishop Interiors Ltd is a responsible organization with an understanding of the environmental impact of the products and services it provides. That’s why we offer a range of eco-friendly office furniture for customers looking for a more stylish and sustainable choice with their office furniture.

The world would always need new materials. Whether it’ll be used to construct building and structures or for food processing, they will do the same thing: dig up earth. There are enough multinational conglomerates that exploit the natural resources that people need to do what they can to curb their effects on the environment.

Our company is committed to green causes. Whenever we can, our staff participate in different activities that promote awareness about global warming and climate change. It won’t affect us; but as with anything widespread, it will take time. Meaning the future generations are going to have to suffer the consequences.

Eco-friendly office furniture is hard to find. Fortunately, Bishop Interiors has made eco-friendly office furniture available to organisations in Christchurch and the surrounding areas. With Bishop Interiors, New Zealand clients can support the earth-friendly movement by purchasing furnishings made with recycled materials. Moreover, we’re not alone in this fight; we encourage our customers to integrate environmentally friendly practices in their everyday lives. This way, everyone is involved in saving the planet.

In the provision of these products and services, Bishop Interiors Ltd is committed to:

  • Providing advice and opportunity for customers to reuse, recycle and minimise waste that may be created in the course of their association
  • Researching available materials that have been produced with a greater awareness of the envirnomental impact in producing those materials
  • Give a greater consideration to the sustainable use of resources in the production and manufacture of product
  • Promoting the recyclability of products when they have completed their useful lifecycle
  • Use natural resources efficiently, particularly electricity, paper and packaging materials by recycling, reducing and re-using
  • Work with the like minded organizations to provide a combined approach to envirnomental issues

The furniture industry is exposed to envirnomental issues sustainable resources, toxic chemicals, disposal of waste and end of life products. Our intention is to work with suppliers with a similar understanding and awareness. Through this approach, Bishop Interiors can ensure that every process is up to environmental standards