Rome Chair

The Rome chair has been designed to have removable covers making refurbished available on site. With the ability to change the covers on site, increases the life of the chair and reduces waste. The Rome chair is available in a variety of base options.

  • 4 point Swivel
  • Sled Base
  • 4 Leg
  • Castor Base


Enter the world of timeless elegance and practical comfort with the Rome meeting chair, a beautiful part of our City Collection. This upholstered bucket chair, inspired by the grandeur of the city of Rome, offers not only an excellent seating experience, but also a sustainable solution for your office design. The Rome is not just a chair – it is a statement of sustainability. With its replaceable upholstery, the life of the chair lasts considerably longer, similar to the eternal beauty of Rome. This feature not only gives you the ability to customise the look, but also ensures that the chair remains a permanent stylish addition in your working environment. With various base options, such as the classic 4-legged design, a contemporary cantilever version, a versatile swivel base or a base on castors for added mobility, the Rome meeting chair offers not only comfort but also flexibility to suit your specific needs. Like the city of Rome, which combines its rich history with modern flair, the Rome meeting chair reflects a harmony between classic style and contemporary design. Add a touch of Italian allure to your meeting room with this comfortable, durable and stylish chair.