Hybrid Soft

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Elemental Integration

The workspace is comprised of three basic elements: desks, tables & chairs.
In today’s modern workplace these elements are many & varied with different modes of use and privacy.

The new Hybrid system from Markant offers a comprehensive and flexible palette of these elements that enables you to create virtually any configuration and function with a cohesive aesthetic carried through the workspace.

Markant Hybrid integrates aesthetically and structurally as a whole through a solid natural oak leg detail.

The Hybrid workspace elements include:

Workstations (fixed & sit-to-stand)
Meeting tables (standard and high height)
Collaborative lounges & pods
Single and multi-seat lounges
Individual loose furniture pieces such as stools

Encourages Movement

One of the most important factors in creating a healthy working environment is through the inclusion of elements and features that encourage movement.

Hybrid brings together a multitude of options for creating areas that support workers in carrying out varying tasks in different work modes.

The creation of settings for different activities encourages people to circulate and integrate within the space thus creating a healthier dynamic.

Alone Together

Hybrid offers a range of lounges and booths with multiple back heights to create an infinite range of options for solitary or group work away from the standard workstation. Completely reconfigurable and embedded with acoustic properties the Hybrid system is the perfect choice for single or group settings.

Lounge areas are available with a rotatable and moveable ‘business class’ tabletop that can be set at any preferred distance from the body, ensuring a pleasant work posture at all times.

Features & Inclusions
Three module heights for varying levels of privacy: Low, Mid & High
Creates natural acoustic barrier
Integrated workstation, meeting table & storage modules available
Available with integrated lighting, power & data capabilities

5 years

10-12 weeks