Hot Box

The desk organiser you can personalise

If your organisation plans a blended or hybrid return to the office, Hotbox 2 is the ideal personal and portable storage solution. It’s ready for work wherever the agile worker works.

Hotbox 2 includes a large compartment for laptops or notebooks and a front section with a whiteboard to make notes on the go. In addition, every Hotbox 2 comes with two removable pen pots and a phone/tablet stand for digital devices.

Businesses can also put their mark on this hot desk organiser by choosing caddy colours and fabric covers that match the corporate palette, adding the logo to complete the professional look. Everywhere employees carry this portable storage solution, it’s a visual link to the company.

Employees can also personalise the Hotbox 2 desk organiser. For example, there’s a slide-on photo frame for a picture of their choice, which they can detach and put on a hot desk to make it ‘their space’.

From the designers, Jamie Rothwell and Rachel Forster

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