Apod – Hybrid



  • Ventilation
  • Acoustic
  • Easy to move (S and M)


Most pods in use do not offer sufficient ventilation in the new offert quietness. After 10 minutes the door of such pods are kept open by its user resulting in good ventilation at cost of acoustics. A healthy climate was our top priority while designing the Apod series.

The inlet of air is the most important part of a ventilation system. Without proper air inlets, no ventilation system can function satisfactorily. The low-pressure ventilation systems keep the airflow going and to make sure you will not get distracted by the noise of ventilators. There are ventilation inlets through multiple sides and also through the floor. Even if you place multiple Apods next to each other the airflow is guaranteed.

I do not recognise my own voice

We made sure that sound in the Apod has an optimal reverberation time related to its size and volume. You will be able to crystal clear hear yourself and others speak. Too much reverberation time creates an echo and with too little reverberation speaking will feel uncomfortable and unnatural. Reverberation time is defined as the time for the sound to die away to a level of 60 decibels below its original level.

Need power?

We have created an infrastructure inside the Apod to easily add additional equipment that supports your specific activity. Standard a fixed height table is mounted to the wall that can be upgraded to a sit and stand table. The wall is already prepared to attach a television mount to.

Fixed or flexible?

The Apod is designed to anticipate the ever-changing office environment. The Apod Small and Medium have wheels. Just lower the four adjustment feet in the floor and start moving the Apod S or M to a new location over an even floor.