X8 is a directional range which includes desks and boardroom tables. The core feature of this range is the design of the leg, inspired by nature and the tree shape. The leg supports the structure and the lightness of the shape thanks to thin profiles.

An example of perfect balance between modernity and naturalness. A project strongly inspired by the natural environment around us.

Noble materials, valuable finishes, combinations and matchings, create details of technology and practicalness coming from the artisan care typical of the Made in Italy.

The maximum simplicity, a return to fundamentals reality, the essentials things declined through their primary elements. Simplicity and discipline define and characterize the X8 project.

Free spaces to create solutions that combines functionality with the rationality of the design. The combination of melamine and metal emphasizes the distinction between the different material and redefines the key features of the project.


X2 X4 X7