Attention to details and strong design, X4 propose infinite operative solutions with 25mm thick desktops with bicolour edge.
Single desks in many sizes, L, double L and crosswise compositions, side-by-side desks and benches.
Infinite freedom and modularity for this range which can be integrated with structural partitions in different materials and finishes.

Variations on a theme, a game with elements of colour shades and shapes in combination. Operative solutions from the single desktop to complex workstations with accessories and partition, compositions without limit of continuity.

Chrome, wenge, aluminum, fabric polycarbonate in a system that satisfy every need of the contemporary office. The frame of the partition becomes support for the top transforming an element of union in a particular generator of infinite solutions.

A flexible system for the office of tomorrow. A face-to-face workstation equipped with an efficient cable system, frontal panel and top access.

Simple geometries, elegance and hospitality X4 lets you create linear and efficient solutions for the meeting, setting up tables of any size.

Sections of legs X4 design and functionality. 3 shapes of interchangeable legs on the same frame with 3 different finishes, 9 melamine tops with bicolour edge, 4 glass top colours for 144 different combinations. Thanks to a wide number of choices, the integrated system X4 is totally modular and complete, in order to work out executive and operative solutions and unique reception areas, integrable with a wide range of partitions, storage units and chairs.