A new leg, a new design standard: The company continues its evolution and finds new ways. With X2 all is possible: single desks, compositions, compact and symmetrical tables with or without structural pedestals, multiple benches.

Compose you own space choosing between single or bench legs in white and silver finish, melamine 25mm thick tops in eight finishes with bicolour edge, melamine 30mm thick tops in seven finishes. All can be integrated with partitions of the Screen range.

Versatility and flexibility are the starting elements of the new X2. The modular components give you endless possibilities to work out different compositions in order to solve any need, from workstation to the executive desk. Steady geometry, elegance and welcome. The dynamic aggregation of screens and of work tops makes a system of receptions which becomes an emotional furnishing concept, a welcoming impact which let you understand the company style.

X2 is always able to guarantee solutions of high quality. Integration between the working place and screens define new sceneries and matches in spaces giving the best support to the evolution of the work needs. The structural details of the leg and its modularity create a new concept of operative spaces. Different types of screens, light and simple, divide the various working areas with discretion.

From the single desk to the operative bench X2 is a flexible line with different solutions. X2 develops itself around a structure with endless connections and components. The sharing system of the structure allows to multiply the tops getting compositions keeping the same quality and practicality.